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RadPoker 2.5 Patch Notes


January 1st

  • Monthly Contest Rating System

    • 30 Game Minimum​

    • Custom Glicko 2 Rating System for Poker ( Same Rating System as Daily Cash Cup)

    • No point enhancements for wins

RadPoker 2.4 Patch Notes


Nov 21st 

  • Give 2 Rests Get 2 Resets Referral Feature 

    • Once a referred user signs up you receive ​2 free Resets and they do too!

  • All Time Leaderboard​

  • Detailed Hand History within game log

    • Click on the hand to see bet history ​

  • New Betting Control ( Slider)

    • This can be toggled from the game settings modal within the game or the settings tab on the account page​

RadPoker 2.3 Patch Notes


  • In order to increase payout size faster for the cash cups we have increased the reset cost from $2.99 to $4.99

    • In addition we are increasing the guaranteed payouts for each tournament. 

RadPoker 2.2 Patch Notes


  • Wins for the Staking Contest have an enhancement of 0.1 Points (Capped at 10 Points Per Contest)

RadPoker 2.1 Patch Notes


  • Resigns and Disconnects will result in an automatic loss. 

  • Users are able use their prize balance to purchase resets from the lobby.

RadPoker 2.0 Patch Notes


Greetings, RadPoker Community! We're excited to bring you a thrilling update: RadPoker 2.0! Our team has worked meticulously to introduce a brand new ranking system for the HCL Staking Contest, ensuring your skills are accurately represented and rewarded. This patch aims to enhance the competitive aspect of our game, making your duels more exhilarating than ever.

New Content

  • Revamped Ranking System & Badges: We proudly introduce our innovative ranking system, meticulously developed by the RadPoker team to enhance your competitive gaming experience.

    • Players will now navigate through varied ranks, reflecting their prowess and strategy in the game.

    • Initial Rank: All players will start at 25 points.

    • The ranks are defined as follows:

      • >28 Grand Master

      • 28.0: Master

      • 27.0: Platinum

      • 26.0: Gold

      • 25.0: Silver

      • 0.0: Bronze

  • Provisional Games: To determine your initial rank, each player must complete 10 provisional games. Your performance during these games will place you in an initial rank that mirrors your skill level.

Quality of Life Improvements

Enhanced End of Game Modal UI
  • Rank Display: Once your game concludes, the end-of-game modal UI now elegantly showcases your current rank.

  • Progress Visibility: Gain insights into your journey by viewing how close you are to either being promoted or demoted, based on the points you’ve won or lost, offering a clear perspective on your progression or regression within the ranking system.

  • User Experience: Enjoy a more informed and immersive experience by instantly understanding the impact of each game on your rank and trajectory.

This UI enhancement aims to provide clear, immediate feedback on your performance and standing, ensuring you’re always aware of your progress and what’s at stake in every game.

Balance Changes

Introduction to The New Ranking System

Our bespoke ranking system is formulated considering skill-based head-to-head games, ensuring that your rank accurately reflects your expertise and strategy in RadPoker. Here are some attributes of our new system:

  • Skilled Based Assessment: It evaluates your performance against opponents, adjusting your rank based on both your and your opponents' previous rankings.

  • Predictive Capability: The system anticipates the expected score between opponents based on existing ranks, ensuring that your ranking adjustments are fair and reflect your performance.

  • Dynamic Adjustment: Your rank dynamically changes, offering consistent, real-time reflection of your skill and enabling you to climb or descend through the ranking tiers based on your performance.

  • Reduced Impact of Luck: Our system minimizes the influence of chance, focusing instead on genuine skill and strategy to determine outcomes and subsequent ranking adjustments.

We believe this new system will lead to more precise ranking, exciting matchups, and a truly competitive environment that rewards skill and strategic play.


White Paper

(*Modified Bayesian Ranking System for Poker)


Enhancement ( Live October 10th):

Users will receive an additional +0.1 Points for winning a game. 

(Capped at 10 Points Per Contest)


We are confident that this new ranking system will uplift your gaming experience by providing a more balanced, competitive, and thrilling environment. Your feedback has always been vital to our development, and we encourage you to share your thoughts on RadPoker 2.0 with us!

Stay tuned for upcoming events and additional content as we continue to enhance and expand the RadPoker universe.

Happy Gaming, The RadPoker Team

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