PRIVACY POLICY (“RadPoker”) is an online poker site. Users can optionally register for an account; however, certain features are available for registered users only. This is because RadPoker needs basic information from its users in order to function. Your information will never be sold or shared to/with third parties, unless required by law.

1. What information RadPoker collects;
2. Why this information is collected and how it’s used;
3. How cookies are used;
4. Managing your information;
5. Storage of the collected information;
6. Closing your account;
7. Donations;
8. Other.

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RadPoker collects


If you create an account, you will be asked to provide your email address. You can also choose to add content your public user profile.


If you are a registered user, your IP address and your user-agent linked to your profile. RadPoker makes use of “fingerprinting” technology similar to this. Furthermore, during a game, RadPoker “counts” the number of times the game’s window loses focus (how many times you switch tabs/apps), “blurs”.


Messages and chats are stored by RadPoker.

Why this information is collected and how it’s used

1. User submitted information.

An email is required when you register for RadPoker in order to mitigate multi-accounting. Your email address will remain confidential and is used in case you forget your password. Moderators are able to set email addresses for accounts to assist in troubleshooting.

Any content you add to your profile is optional, and is publicly visible to anyone who visits your profile.

2. Technical information.

Your IP address(es) and user-agent(s) are private and are not visible to anybody except to RadPoker moderators. This information is used to moderate the website and prevent abuse.

The specific fingerprint information is not visible to any user, including the moderators. Moderators can only see the word “print” in their “mod-zone” (should the user have multiple accounts): it aids moderators to determine if a certain user is creating multiple accounts.

“Blurs” are how many times your game’s window lose focus: i.e.: leaving the game's window once counts as one blur. “Blurs” are only visible to moderators and is one of many factors used in cheat evaluation.

3. Communications.

In-game chats and private messages are private. Public chat boxes – such as those in tournaments – are public.

Moderators can view users' communications for moderation purposes, as well as if a user is reported under the reason of “insult”, “troll”, or “other”.

Additionally, users will be reported to the moderators if the system’s “shutup” script auto-report a user for using blacklisted words. Here is the “shutup” script’s dictionary and here is its source.

In both cases, the nine most recent reported user’s inbox messages and private in-game chats will be visible to the moderators.

4. Disclosing your information.

Your information will only be disclosed if it is legally necessary to do so. For example, if RadPoker is ordered to hand over a certain user’s information, or if someone hacks RadPoker.



A cookie is a text string that RadPoker stores in your browser in order to save your site preferences. An example of this can be your board style and theme you have selected.

Cookies can be cleared at any time from your browser. If you do not want RadPoker to store any cookie information, feel free to disable cookies in your browser, although this may affect your browsing with other websites.


You can edit or delete the information from your profile at any time. If you would like to remove your forum posts and/or Q&A posts, simply message a moderator. Information you delete is deleted from the live site but remains in RadPoker’ backups for one year.

Your IP address(es) and user-agent(s) are needed for administrative/moderating purposes and cannot be deleted.


Collected information is stored on RadPoker’ servers. RadPoker’ backups create snapshots of the RadPoker database at a given date and they can never be modified.


You may choose to close your account at any time, for any reason. You cannot re-open your closed account by yourself; however, moderators are able to open closed accounts. Email to ask for your account to be re-opened. Remove the information you shared on your public profile before closing your account, as you will not be able to edit/delete it once your account is closed.

Accounts cannot be deleted because of how an online poker website works: your games are linked to other's games.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please use the Q&A or email RadPoker at

RadPoker can change this policy at its discretion.

Last edited: December 20, 2020