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Real Money Private Beta

Hello from TicTok Poker! We are pleased to announce the rollout of our highly anticipated TicTok Poker Real Money private beta!

Register here for a chance to be part of the exclusive TicTok Poker Real Money private beta. Limited spaces are available. We will be starting with a small number of beta testers and will invite more testers over time.

We are excited to launch the private beta for our new TicTok Poker Real Money game and to get some concrete feedback on our efforts. We are very happy with how the client is coming together and looking forward to improving the mobile poker experience for all of our players.

Some of the key features include:

  • Real money gameplay.

  • A new updated minimalistic look.

  • No Rake! RadPoker will be returning all rake collected back to the player.

  • Show your bluff to your opponent by turning over your cards and showing your hand.

  • Enhanced in app support.

To develop the client, TicTok Poker's software developers consulted with a variety of players and went through a rigorous process of review and debugging. TicTok Poker is currently working through a private beta. Once the beta is complete it will allow for the launch of the public beta which will be available to all players. Throughout the private and public beta, TicTok Poker will continue to incorporate player feedback into the real money client.

Many different players have been participating in the planning and designing of the software. To ensure that the launch goes smoothly we ask that you please send any and all bugs that you find to the in app support feature located in the navigation bar or by emailing TicTok Poker support:

A public beta testing period will follow the private beta testing period. TicTok Poker has not announced an official date, we will keep the community updated when we have more information and a more concrete date.

How will participants be selected?

There are numerous factors that will determine whether or not you are eligible to participate. These factors include the completeness of registration information and system specifications. We want to ensure that we select participants who will best serve the needs of our beta. We will be inviting passionate community contributors and influencers to participate in the beta test for their feedback.

How long will beta testing run?

The beta test will begin shortly, starting with a small number of invites. It will run for as long as we need to test our systems to ensure that they are ready to launch the public beta. We will invite more beta testers over time. The amount of testers required will depend on our testing needs.

Are there any other ways to join the beta?

There aren’t any other ways to join the beta at this time.

What content and features will be available in this beta?

The beta will allow participants to play heads-up super fast poker for $1 per game. Rake will be collected and returned to you at the end of the beta period. Players will battle one another for victory. Just like the original TicTok Poker, players have 6 seconds to react and blinds double every minute.

Do I have to create a new account if I already have one with TicTok Poker?

Yes. All players will have to re-register to be eligible for the beta. Once you have an account and have completed the funding process you are eligible to start playing on RadPoker!

How do I fund my account?

All account deposits will be handled via PayPal by sending your desired deposit amount. Be sure to include your RadPoker username in the notes section of the PayPal transaction.

To join our private beta, just reach out to RadPoker on one of our many channels or email us at


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