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RadPoker Overview

RadPoker offers a mobile poker experience unlike any other app. RadPoker provides players a no limit Texas Hold’em platform that is optimized for super fast (4 minute average games) heads-up play. Unlike other poker apps, RadPoker allows players to compete for real money. RadPoker utilizes a custom rating algorithm and a live leaderboard to track your performance in real time. RadPoker is committed to continuously improving and offers dedicated customer service to provide players with the best possible experience.

RadPoker allows you to play super-fast heads-up poker and win real money against other players. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro, RadPoker forces you to be great. The RadPoker team has been working hard to make the best version of our app for you to enjoy.

At RadPoker we have three main goals:

1. To build a community of poker players who want to fine tune their game play and improve profitability.

2. Identify the best players in the world and offer them staking contracts.

3. Lastly, to make sure the app stays completely free with no advertisements.

We want you to win big. Our Rad rating algorithm tracks your movement up and down the leaderboard based on the outcome of your games. Grind the leaderboard for the chance to win real money every week.

Recently we have implemented a series of new features to make the RadPoker experience that much better for our players. One of these features is PuzzleRush. PuzzleRush allows you to quickly improve your poker skills. When playing PuzzleRush players select the cards that will complete the best hand. The game ends after 2 minutes or 3 mistakes. PuzzleRush trains you to always select the best cards and reduce mistakes.

Your RadRating is your overall score! This algorithm takes into account multiple factors, including current rating, competition strength (rating), and GTO (Game Theory Optimization) delta. This rating is a baseline indicator of your poker skills and ultimately should decide whether you are ready to play real-money poker games.

RadPoker is continuously releasing new features that improve the RadPoker experience. These features include a new and improved betting control slider that will allow you to place bets more accurately, easily, and confidently. We also greatly reduced the amount of bugs and improved the overall user experience.

The RadPoker team is committed to creating the best experience for our players. We want your feedback! If you have any suggestions or see anything that doesn't look right please contact us and let us know! We love working directly with our players to ensure that we are creating a better experience for you. Some of our largest changes have been implemented thanks to user feedback. Please let us know how we can make the RadPoker app best for you!

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S. Smith
S. Smith
May 30, 2022

How do you claim winnings?

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