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In poker, there is nothing more important than the cards on the table. Use this guide to understand what they are and what they mean. 

Deck of 52 cards described. A deck consists of 52 cards broken down into four suits: Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts.
The 13 card rankings displayed in order of strength from strongest to weakest. Ace through two, ace being the strongest.
A royal flush in poker. Ten of diamonds, Jack of diamonds, Queen of diamonds, King of diamonds, Ace of diamonds. All of the same suit.
A straight flush: five consecutive cards of the same suit. Four of diamonds, five of diamonds, six of diamonds, seven of diamonds, eight of diamonds.
Four of a kind, four cards of the same rank. Four sixes with different suits. Two of clubs. On a black gradient background.
Full house, three cards of the same rank and two cards of another. Three different suited four's and Two different suited tens.
A flush: Five cards of the same suit. Five of diamonds, Seven of diamonds, Queen of diamonds, Ten of Diamonds, Eight of Diamonds.
A straight: Five consecutive cards. Six of diamonds, seven of clubs, eight of clubs, nine of diamonds, ten of diamonds.
Three of a kind: three cards of the same rank. Ten of diamonds, Ten of hearts, Ten of clubs, Five of diamonds, eight of clubs.
Two pair: Two cards of the same rank & two cards of another rank. Jack of hearts, Jack of diamonds, 4 of spades, 4 of diamonds, 2 of diamonds.
Pair: Two cards of the same rank. Nine of hearts, nine of spades, four of hearts, seven of diamonds, ace of diamonds.
High card: any 5 cards that don't fit into the above category. Ace of diamonds, eight of clubs, queen of Diamonds, Nine of spades, Five of spades.
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