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Do you have a question about poker? We may have an answer! Check out this list for answers to poker's hottest questions.

Is poker difficult to learn?

Poker is a very simple game to learn. To begin playing you only need to understand the basic rules. Learning how to play well can take time and effort however when playing for fun poker is a very simple and easy game to learn.

What is the goal of playing poker?

In poker the object is to win the pot. The pot is the amount of wagered chips by yourself and other players. Along with that the goal of playing poker is to have fun!

Can you win money playing poker?

You can win real money playing poker. Anyone can win regardless of skill level. You can improve your odds of winning by becoming a better player, however there is enough luck involved in poker that a beginner still has a chance at winning. 

Why is poker so popular?

Poker is popular for many reasons. It is a beginner friendly game that is simple to learn. Many people around the world enjoy playing Poker. Along with being an enjoyable game, the chance to win real money is very appealing. Poker is friendly to all budgets. 

What is poker strategy?

The topic of poker strategy as a whole is incredibly broad. Summarized, it is the process of learning how to play the game at its full potential. Poker is based on decisions, poker strategy teaches you how to make the most correct decisions at the right times.

Does it matter what poker strategy we use?

While luck plays a considerable role in the short term, poker strategy is not irrelevant. In the long run poker is predominantly a game of skill. This leads to the best players earning consistent profits. Each individual player will have to determine their own strategy and find what works best for them. Different strategies will lead to different results. 

What is the best poker strategy to use?

The most profitable way to play poker is to utilize exploitative strategies. This strategy involves paying attention to our opponent's game for weakness and then targeting those weaknesses as aggressively as possible. 

What is the best starting poker hand?

The best starting poker hand is ace-ace. This is the highest pair that you can be dealt at the start of a round. This hand is also known as pocket aces. While this is the best starting hand it is imperative to pay attention to the flop, you may have the top pair however any higher ranking hands will beat your pair. On average pocket aces are dealt once in every 221 hands.

What is the worst starting poker hand?

The worst starting hand is a 2-7 off-suit hand. This leaves you with no good hand options. You have no straight draw, no flush draw, and even with a pair of 7’s or a pair of 2’s you are unlikely to have the best hand. The next worst hands are 2-8 off-suit, 3-8 off-suit, 2-9 off-suit, and 2-6 off-suit. 

Is online poker legal?

Online poker's legality differs based on what part of the world you are in. In some regions the laws are clear about the legality of online poker, however in some areas the laws are very confusing. If you are uncertain about the laws in your region, check them using a reliable source. Online gambling laws tend to apply more to those providing the services (RadPoker) than those who just use them. 

Can I trust poker sites with my money?

Yes, you can trust poker sites with your money. There are a few sites that are considered untrustworthy, if you steer clear of those sites you will have nothing to worry about. RadPoker is a reputable company with a good track record. We will always ensure that gameplay is fair while offering the best online and mobile poker. 


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