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About RadPoker

Since December of 2020, RadPoker has been offering an online gaming experience like no other.


RadPoker is committed to bringing the best online gaming experience to the market. We are focused on creating the best and most fun apps to market.


In its current state, online poker is lacking innovation. Games are too long, the user support is nearly non-existent and almost all of them lack the statistical insights to make players better at poker. We started RadPoker to solve all of these issues.


If you love online gaming, but hate the headaches that come with it, give RadPoker a try.

RadPoker offers a mobile poker experience unlike any other app. Our first application, RadPoker provides players a no limit Texas Hold’em platform that is optimized for super fast (5 minute average games) heads-up play. RadPoker utilizes a custom rating algorithm and a live leaderboard to track your performance in real time. RadPoker is committed to continuously improving and offers dedicated customer service to provide players with the best possible experience.


We’ve been a trusted source for heads up gaming entertainment for tens of thousands of players. Play super fast heads-up poker in our feature-rich RadPoker application. Face competition against some of the best poker players in the world.


At RadPoker we have three main goals:

1. To build a community of poker players who want to fine tune their game play and improve profitability.

2. Identify the best players in the world and offer them staking contracts.

3. Lastly, to make sure the app stays completely free with no advertisements.

Players come for many reasons: To improve their poker game and to ensure that they are confident in their ability to make the best hand.

Your RadRating is your overall score! This algorithm takes into account multiple factors, including current rating, competition strength (rating), and GTO (Game Theory Optimization) delta. This rating is a baseline indicator of your poker skills and ultimately should decide whether you are ready to play real-money poker games.


The Rad team is committed to creating the best experience for our players. We want your feedback! If you have any suggestions or see anything that doesn't look right please contact us and let us know! We love working directly with our players to ensure that we are creating a better experience for you. Some of our largest changes have been implemented thanks to user feedback. Please let us know how we can make the RadPoker app best for you!

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