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RadPoker FAQ

Do you have a question about RadPoker? Before contacting us, check this list to see if it has already been answered!

I believe a player is cheating. Where can I report him, and what will RadPoker do?

If you have witnessed suspicious activity amongst other users, please send us their username and we will take a look. We will ensure that the app remains fair and that all of our users are playing fairly. If a player is found to be in violation of the RadPoker Terms of Service, action will be taken against their account. 


How do I know that the site I land on isn’t really RadPoker?

Scam pages and websites can be very convincing. These webpages may use RadPoker graphics and images to try and convince you that you are on the legitimate page. These scam websites often use “RadPoker” or similar names in their web address. If you believe that you have found a fake RadPoker page, manually type into your browser to ensure you are on the proper site. 


I received an email that looks to be from RadPoker. How do I know the email real? 

If you receive an email that looks suspicious report it to the RadPoker support email immediately. is the only way that RadPoker support will reach out to you. If another account emails you it is a phishing attempt used by hackers to gain access to your account. RadPoker will never ask for your password. Please report this message to RadPoker Customer Support if you believe that you are being phished. 

A player said mean things in the chat. Where can I report it, and what will RadPoker do?

Please send us the offending player’s username along with a description of the messages exchanged. We take abuse seriously and if it is determined that a user violated our Terms of Service, action will be taken against their account.  

I’ve noticed bugs in the app, how should I go about reporting these?

Please be sure to relay any bug information to RadPoker Customer support. They will be able to make our development team aware and get the bug resolved as soon as possible. 


What are the benefits of subscribing?

Monthly subscribers receive unlimited RadPoker and Puzzle Rush Gameplay. Users will also be able to view their opponents cards after each match. Along with that we are able to offer advanced statistics; average mistakes per game, average inaccuracies per game (AIG), steals and bluffs, and voluntarily put $ in Pot (VPIP)


How does the RadRating work?

Every player in the game has a Rad Rating, the rating is based on the way you play and the number of games lost/won. Ratings are reset at the start of each tournament. The more games you win the higher your rating will be along with the rate you rise on the leaderboard. The higher your rating, the slower your RadRating will go up. With a lower RadRating it is easier to increase your score.


What does AIG & AMG stand for?

AIG stands for "average inaccuracies per game" and AMG stands for "average mistakes per game". While these don't directly tie into how the RadRating is calculated they are a great representation of how you are performing. If you click the "View More" button just to the right of the statistics and are subscribed you will be able to see a detailed list of how you are performing. These stats include current rating, game stats, overall stats, streaks, mistakes, inaccuracies, steals & bluffs and VPIP.

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